Meal Packing a Hugh Sucess

Thanks to the continuing support of St. Matthew and its members, this year’s Hanover Area Community Meal Packing Event was an incredible success.  Thanks for Believing, Hosting, Volunteering, Donating and So Much More. St. Matthew has been hosting the event for Hanover Against Hunger since 2012.

At the event on November 4 and 5, 929 boxes with 200,664 meals were packed and loaded onto a sea container which is now headed to the Philippines via the Port of New York. These meals are on their way to feed school-age children suffering from food insecurities.  Thanks to St. Matthew’s support and the support of the entire Hanover area, its churches, service clubs, organizations and businesses, Hanover Against Hunger has raised over $150,000 and supplied over one-half million meals since it began.

What a fantastic Meal Packing Weekend.  Thank you all!