The Chance of a Lifetime

2023 Guatemalan Mission Trip

St. Matthew sent another mission team to Guatemala July 19-27, 2023.

Saint Matthew has been a Tree 4 Hope partner since our first mission trip to Guatemala in 2017. A non-profit organization, Tree 4 Hope is committed to providing a brighter future for children, elders and families in this beautiful Central American country. During our past mission trips conducted in conjunction with Tree 4 Hope, we have worked at Hogar Miguel Magone — an orphanage in a small village called El Aguacate. Beyond that, we have helped to fund, build and support the first ever girls STEM school in Guatemala called Hope Academy. St. Matthew sponsors the yearly education of 2 village girls and also has underwritten food scholarships for two boys. In addition to the support our congregation has made available for the children of Guatemala, St. Matthew members have also met and learned the stories of many elders who reside there.

Due to the impact on their personal lives as a result of their experiences, members have returned on their own since the 2017 church-sponsored mission trip to continue to foster the strong relationships built with the people of Guatemala.