Get to Know Discovery Place!

We offer Preschool for children ages 3 and 4.

Each class has one Lead and one Assistant Teacher.

Two options for children age 3 by September 1:

Tuesday & Thursday mornings

9:00-11:30am — $100 monthly tuition

Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings

9:00-11:30am — $150 monthly tuition

Three options for children age 4 by September 1:

Tuesday & Thursday mornings

9:00-11:45am — $110 monthly tuition

Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings

9:00-11:30am — $150 monthly tuition

NEW/ Monday, Wednesday & Friday *All-Day*

9:00-2:00pm — $300 monthly tuition

This class includes lunchtime (brought from home) and short rest period after lunch.

Tuition is equally divided into NINE monthly payments.

The first tuition payment is due before July 1 to hold your child’s placement in your chosen class. Payments continue ahead of each month with the final tuition payment due before April 1. We SKIP the December 1 payment to help with holiday  finances!  You may choose to make payments ahead or combine payments if you prefer. Please note we accept personal check, Cashier’s check or money orders. No cash please!

Our MAIN objectives during preschool years:

  • Learn to LOVE coming to school
  • Grow socially and emotionally through both directed play and child-directed play
  • Teach basic school concepts:
    • Sitting “criss-cross” in Circle Time
    • Using listening ears
    • Walking feet when indoors
    • Walking “in line”
  • Introduction / reinforce these academic areas:
    • CAPITAL letters (3s), plus lowercase (4s)
    • Numbers 1-10 (3s), 11-20 (4s)
    • Colors
    • Shapes
    • First name recognition (3s), writing (4s)
    • Letter sounds and formation

A TYPICAL DAY at preschool involves:

  • Open playtime
  • Circle Time (calendar, weather, week’s concepts)
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Bathroom & handwashing break
  • Class group activity (i.e. Science lesson, Discover God/Music visits)
  • Gross Motor activity, Church Gymnasium or outdoor playground time

More information about our Classes

Our teachers cover a wide range of topics throughout the year, often based on seasonal or holiday themes. We encourage hands-on learning with science experiments and art projects where each child can express their individual creativity. Children will experience success and gain self-esteem through a variety of activities. All classes enjoy “Discover God” Bible stories and “Discover Music” time, one special visit each week. We also schedule field trips outside of our preschool building, as well as fun “family” events throughout the year.