Discovery Place Registration and Tentative Schedule

Registration Completion Steps

Click on the links below and download the necessary Registration Forms.

Registration Form  (click on Form Name link)
Download form, then return via postal mail/drop off.  You will also need to mail/drop off the Registration Fee, $50 payable to Discovery Place Preschool. Submission of the Registration Form and Fee has temporarily held your child’s class placement.

Emergency Contact and Parental Consent Form (click on Form Name link)
This form asks you to provide information regarding who we may call and to whom we may release your child. You also must sign your consent for us to obtain emergency medical care, administer minor first aide, and take walks close to the preschool (i.e. around our physical block or across the street to the church gymnasium.)

Health Assessment Form  (click on Form Name link)
Must be completed and signed by your pediatrician. We require all students be up to date on immunizations to attend preschool.

Payment Coupons  (click on Form Name link)
First tuition payment DUE JULY 1, 2024 Please use the attached Payment Coupons, beginning with the bottom coupon (so you can hang this page on a calendar or message board), and include it with each tuition payment. There are a total of NINE tuition payments, scheduled ahead of each month beginning in August and continuing to April. We accept checks, Cashier’s Check or Money Orders, payable to Discovery Place Preschool. No cash, please!

To finalize your child’s enrollment into our preschool program, return the forms/payment outlined above to Discovery Place Preschool by July 1, 2024. Any held placements missing all required paperwork and first tuition payment will be released for waitlist families on August 1, 2024.

In addition to the above items, we ask that each student have a backpack with a full change of clothes (shirt, pants, underwear, socks and pull ups if applicable). Accidents may happen during class time and we want to be sure the children have dry clothes available at all times.

Tentative 2024-25 Preschool Calendar  (click on Form Name link)
This provides you with key dates, such as holidays when school is closed. Please note our Meet-the-Teachers for families and some other important events are still being finalized.

Throughout the summer, news is shared about the upcoming preschool year on the “Discovery Place” FaceBook page. You can also look for Discovery Place News on this website.

If you have any questions prior to the start of school or need additional information, please contact Discovery Place Director, at or call (717) 637-1864. We look forward to getting to know our new Discovery Place families!

Thank you for choosing Discovery Place Preschool!