St. Matthew Educational Scholarship Guidelines

The same application is for all scholarships, except where noted. Completed applications, Letters of Reference, and Grade transcripts are normally due in the church office in June (date for 2024 is June 9). Interviews are normally scheduled near the end of that month (date for 2024 is the evening of June 21).

Scholarship awards are limited to students who are voting members as defined in the constitution of St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Hanover, PA. A voting member according to *C8.02c of the constitution:

VOTING members are confirmed members, during the current or preceding year, shall have communed in this congregation and shall have made a financial contribution of record to this congregation.

Scholarships Available


    • Peck Family Scholarship has no limit on the number of times you may apply.


    • Fairy E. Straley and Miriam Nace Scholarship may apply x 2 at the under graduate level and one time at the graduate level.


    • Stauffer Scholarship is awarded one time your first year of under graduate studies and percent increases continue for all four years. The student must maintain an accumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher at the end of each school year.


    • J.H. Ehlers Scholarship is limited to those entering into a Christian Vocation.


To download an Application Form for the above scholarships, click here.

Frysinger Rohrbaugh Music Scholarship

The Frysinger Rohrbaugh Music Scholarship is limited to those entering into the music field. A separate Music Application is needed. Click here for the Application Form.

The Stolte Scholarship is given by the Hanover Area Council of Churches for Christian Vocation. The due date for applications is normally in April.