Visioning Process Updates — October 22

The LEAD Dream team is moving to the next phase of the visioning process – listening to our neighbors. We are excited for the opportunity to meet with our neighbors of all denominations and traditions, share experiences, and learn from one another. We will start these community listening meetings in November and continue through the end of the year. The full timeline depends on the availability of the places we visit.

Speaking of November, the Hanover Against Hunger event is a great way to work side by side with our neighbors with a shared mission to alleviate hunger worldwide. This is one way St.Matthew can LEAD – Living Everyday As Disciples.

In addition to planning our neighborhood meetings, the LEAD Dream team is reviewing notes from our congregation listening sessions and will share the common themes we heard.

St. Matthew is committed to investing in our church and community and seeing where God is leading us. If you have any questions, please contact any of the LEAD Dream Team members.

Hunter Crabbs, Sherry Crouse, Randy Kline, Tim Peck, Kelli Reed, Kayla Steffens, Jen Troup, Pastor Kathy Vitalis Hoffman, Vicki Wildasin