Mission Trip to Mexico

Misison_Trip90% of the children in Zorillo eat less than 10 meals a week.

70% of the children in Zorillo drop out of school after 7th grade.

Lantern Hill is a ministry that serves the small village of Zorilla, Mexico. Guided by Micah 6:8, and Matthew 25:31-46, Lantern Hill strives to break the cycle of poverty and provide the resources to develop loving, healthy, and educated children and families

In the summer of 2013, 28 members of St Matthew went to Lantern Hill to volunteer their time and talents. They tutored children and they also renovated a home of one of the village residents.

The relationship between Zorilla and St. Matthew has continued beyond that week in 2013. While no one from our congregation is currently in Mexico, we are certainly with them in prayer, and we continue to support them financially. For the 2015 Lenten project, our Global Mission Team challenged us to provide resources to: fight poverty one worker at a time, fight hunger 20 children at a time, and educate 15 children at a time.

The spiritual effects of that week have also lasted, especially for the mission team. Those who set aside that week to do God’s service in Zorillo have been forever changed. The blessings they received far exceed the tasks they did, which is the joy of both local and global mission service!

Visit the Friends of Lantern Hill website to learn even more about how you can help.