Malaria Campaign

MalariaMalaria is a disease contracted from the bite of an infected mosquito and effects all age groups-especially children, pregnant women and their unborn babies. Lack of access to common methods of prevention, such as insecticide-treated mosquito nets, indoor residual spraying or water drainage also contributes to malaria’s continuing death toll, especially in Africa. The ELCA Malaria Campaign is working through companion churches to bring mosquito nets, health education, mosquito control and malaria treatment to communities across Africa.

Just $10 will provide a family with an insecticide-treated  mosquito net.  A gift of $75 could provide a course of medicine to help save the lives of 25 people infected  with malaria.  The ELCA set a goal to raise $15 million over 3 years.  St. Matthew made a commitment to become involved in this effort, and over the 3 years, we raised $7,500 toward the ELCA’s goal!

For more information on the success of the campaign, see this article in Living Lutheran magazine.