Sermons at St. Matthew

Did you miss worship this past week (or perhaps the week before)? Maybe you want to hear the sermon a second time. If that is the case you have come to the right place. Here you will find video of the most recent sermons either for yourself or to share with someone else.

First Sunday of Lent

Pastor M. David Kiel
February 21, 2021

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Ash Wednesday

Pastor Mark Vitalis Hoffman
February 17, 2021

Once you are Marked for Life, this changes everything.

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Now You See It

Pastor Kathy Vitalis Hoffman
February 14, 2021

These days, it is easy to be annoyed, puzzled and confused. The early disciples certainly were. But, there are moments of clarity — moments when we are able to see clearly through the gray days of uncertainty and catch a glimpse of the light of God’s true presence. It happened to Pastor Kathy and it can happen for us. But we need to remain focused and “look through” what is often right in front of us. So it is with the case with the cross of Christ. We must look through the ordeal of the crucifixion to catch a glimpse of the reality of the outstretched arms of God welcoming us into His embrace.

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A Quiet Place

Pastor M. David Kiel
February 7, 2021

Many times we feel overwhelmed and hope begins to falter. There are times we need to go to a quiet place to remind ourselves of God’s presence. Jesus did this. It kept him on track. It gave him strength and peace and comfort. But unlike our Lord, the simplest of things distract us from seeking God’s assurance. Pastor David encourages us to remember that no matter what, we are always in the palm of God’s hand. So, don’t ever forget to retire to that quiet place to be renewed and restored.

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Another Way of Knowing

Pastor Kathy Vitalis Hoffman
January 31, 2021

Demons are tricky. They frequently masquerade as knowledge, leading us down a path of self-righteousness. We become, as the Apostle Paul tells us and Pastor Kathy reminds us, “puffed up,” convinced that we know better than “they do.” But Jesus casts out demons and God wants us to know that this same power is available to us. Demons know this and do their best to keep us confused and divided. Now you know. So, if ever there was a time, now is the time to use the power we have been given.

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Follow the Dream

Pastor David Kiel
January 24, 2001

This week Pastor David has us focus on just exactly what it means when Jesus asks us: “Follow Me.” And whom is he calling anyway? Does the call go out only to those we deem worthy? Or is God calling each and every one of us? And if and when we hear that call, do we follow without hesitation, like those first fishermen disciples, or are we easily distracted? But one thing is certain. When we do hear that call and follow, our lives are changed forever and we discover an abundance of life beyond our wildest dreams.

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Do You Know Your Story —
Your Whole Story?

Pastor Kathy Vitalis Hoffman
January 17, 2021

We all think we know our own life stories, right? After all, it is our life? But do we really see the whole picture? Although we may not realize it, oftentimes we don’t see everything and miss many of the important details. Sometimes we need help to see things in a new way. Pastor Kathy reminds us that there is always more to our story than we may think, especially when we realize that our story is really part of a much larger one — a bigger story, a better story — part of God’s story.

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Who Are You Going To Listen To?

Pastor Kathy Vitalis Hoffman
Baptism of Our Lord
January 10, 2021

On this Baptism of Our Lord Sunday, Pastor Kathy asks each of us, in the midst of the chaos, division and disagreement which swirls around us — “Who are we going to listen to?” Who are we going to trust? What we believe so often depends on who we hear. In the midst of all the noise and confusion, it is God’s voice we must seek, calling us to renew our own baptismal vows to denounce the devil and the powers of evil. God’s voice beckons us forward and, like the Magi on Epiphany, we are called to go forward in new ways, in the way of love.

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So, What Will You Do?

Pastor David Kiel
January 3, 2021

Pastor David asks us, “What do you do when you get really excited about something. How do you respond?” And make no mistake about it, what God has done for us through Jesus Christ is something we can all get excited about — all of us. We need to recognize the wonderful gift. We need to get excited and then respond. We need to invite those who need that excitement in their lives into our lives and into the love of God.

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A Morning After

Pastor Kathy Vitalis Hoffman
December 27, 2020

For many, the magic of Christmas does not last and the morning after often ushers in a post Holiday Slump. And this year, adding insult to injury, we can top it off with the Pandemic Slump. But Pastor Kathy urges us to look beyond those empty packages — all the way to the empty tomb. For Easter is part of the Christmas story. Easter is the ultimate Morning After. Jesus has moved out of the manger and into our lives to assure us that there is no escape from the love of God.

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Christmas Eve Service

Pastors Kathy Vitalis Hoffman, David Kiel & Faye Snyder
December 24, 2020

There is so much that is different about Christmas this year with the ways we celebrate and worship. The message is the same and what it means for us is as important as ever. In Pastor Kathy’s message she reminds us of the wonder and helps us see the surprises of the Christmas story as experienced by Imogene Herdman in the book by Barbara Robinson, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Tucked in this story is a word---Behold! It is a word that puts us on hold so that we stop what else we are doing and perk up, lean in and pay attention to what is happening. Behold!

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The Lord is With Us

Pastor David Kiel
10:45 am Indoor Worship, December 20, 2020
Fourth Sunday of Advent

In the midst of all the challenges and tragedies of life, the darkness can often overwhelm us and make it seem as though there is no hope. The Gospel today, as Pastor David so clearly illustrates, reminds us the Lord is with us; that God has sent us His Son to overshadow our darkness and give us hope. We, as God's children, have seen this great light and now we have the opportunity to follow it and walk within it!

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Blue Christmas Service

Pastors Kathy Vitalis Hoffman, David Kiel and Faye Snyder
December 20, 2020

Those of us feeling blue at this time of year can feel edged out and forgotten as everyone else seems caught up in the frenzy of their own preparations and celebrations. We hope that as you join us today, and as you think about the Christmas message and feel God’s presence, you find comfort and hope in knowing that you are not alone. That is the message of Christmas.

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The Tradition Continues

Jeremy Bucher
December 16, 2020
Mid-Week Wednesday Service – Third Week of Advent

Jeremy Bucher reminds us of the beauty of traditions, especially those passed down within a family. And, there are no traditions like those we share during this time of Advent and Christmas. From the lighting of candles, to the decorating of the tree, to the singing of carols, to the reading of the Christmas story. These traditions never get old or lose their meaning; they only become even more significant as they are passed down from one generation to the next.

Be Witnesses to the Light

Pastor Kathy Vitalis Hoffman
Indoor Worship, December 13, 2020
Third Sunday of Advent

Pastor Kathy focuses on John the Baptist as a witness, a witness to the light of Christ. And this light is not intended for “Flashlight Christians,” casting but a narrow beam to light only our own way. No, this beam is broad, illuminating things we do not normally see, or choose not to see. For nothing is so dark that it escapes God’s penetrating love. We are called to bear witness to this light, spreading the Word in a world desperately in need of hope.

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The Faith of a Child

Dr. Frank Horn
December 9, 2020
Mid-Week Wednesday Service – Second Week of Advent

Dr. Frank Horn is a doctor, a surgeon, a man of science. For many, science is a stumbling block to faith because it cannot be “proven.” For Dr. Horn, that has never been an issue, for he has always known that it is God who provides the healing. From childhood on, God has guided him every step of his life. To some, this kind of faith may appear rather unsophisticated, even childlike. Dr. Horn has never seen this as a problem. In his mind, the faith of a child is a very, very good thing.

The Beginning of the Good News

Pastor Kathy Vitalis Hoffman
December 6, 2020
Second Sunday of Advent

Today, Pastor Kathy takes us to the screening of a very special movie. We witness the opening scene and are transported to a rather bleak wilderness. The silence is broken by the narrator’s voice: “As it is written . . . .” Immediately we are gripped by a sense of expectation, drawn in, knowing that something dramatic is about to happen. And this is just the beginning. There is so much more to come. The story is to be continued. You definitely won’t want to miss the rest of the movie.

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It’s All About Waiting

Vicar DeAnn Books
December 2, 2020
Mid-Week Wednesday Service – First Week of Advent

Advent is all about waiting and DeAnn Books has done more than her share of that. Her life has been all about waiting — waiting for the pieces to all come together, waiting for God to take the lead. And He has not disappointed. She assures us that we, too, can wait with hope. We can wait expectantly, knowing that God is always faithful. God comes to us. God is here — even in the waiting.

A Different Kind of Christmas

Pastor David Kiel
November 29, 2020
First Sunday of Advent

We spend our advent waiting for Christmas, but Pastor David reminds us that we often wait in ways that are not helpful to our growth as people of God. Perhaps a blessing of this Advent, because things are not in the usual routine, is spending time focusing on the simple and profound message the Christ child brings to us as we celebrate in a new way that renews our hope!

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