SAW on Wednesday Evenings

SAW is our Wednesday evening program:  Supper, Activity, Worship.  Supper begins at 5:45 and is served buffet style in Fellowship Hall.  An entrée/main dish, sides and dessert are prepared by SAW supper team members.  To help our teams plan adequately for the number of participants, we ask that you sign up either the week before at SAW or by the Monday before the SAW Supper you plan to attend.   A sign-up sheet is available at SAW and at the Hospitality Desk on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.   You may also call the church office at 717-637-7101 to make your reservation.

Our Activity begins at 6:30 with Bible study, also in Fellowship Hall. We are currently working our way through 1 and 2 Timothy.  Special topics or speakers are announced in advance in the bulletin and on Facebook.

Worship begins in the nave at 7:15.  The service includes a hymn, a homily, prayers Holy Communion.  The service usually lasts 35-40 minutes.

No reservations are necessary for the Bible study or for worship.  You may attend all three parts of SAW or one or two.  Come be refreshed and renewed mid-week at SAW!