Prayer Shawl Ministry

Prayer Shawl meeting 4.8.13 006PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY meets periodically both in the afternoon and the evening to share devotions, prayer and the making of shawls.

We are always willing to show this craft to new knitters or crocheters! If you would like to crochet a shawl, please bring an H (5.0) or larger crochet hook and three skeins of yarn.  (About 15 oz.–Red Heart Super Saver works well.)   For knitting, please bring size 11 or 13 knitting needles and the same amount of yarn.  (Traditionally, knitted shawls use Lion Brand Homespun yarn.)

Discover more about prayers shawls here.  Along with the basic patterns for knitting or crocheting, you will find other patterns and prayers.

Our creators are also welcome to try finger labyrinths.  These take a number 5 (H) crochet hook and two coordinating colors of Sugar and Cream cotton yarn. They may be two solid colors or a solid and a variegated color.

Please contact Jan Davis at 717-637-7101 or e-mail Jan at for more information.