Resume of the Development of the Organ

1925– The original organ was installed in the new church by the Austin Organ Company.         This instrument comprised five divisions, contained 87 speaking stops and nearly 5000 pipes, controlled by a four manual console.

1929– The organ was enlarged by the addition of 2800 pipes and a new console was installed.

1931– The Solo Organ was moved to a new chamber above the chancel, and increased to 31 ranks.  In this chamber were also placed the new Pedal Bombardes,  Contra Bourdon, and a Pedal Mixture of five ranks.  Another new chamber was built above the roof of the church to house a new String Organ of 18 ranks.  A new Celestial Organ of 18 ranks was installed in the gallery chamber which formerly contained the Solo division.

1934– Tonal improvements were made in the Great and Swell Organs, and a brilliant new trumpet for the Swell Organ was added.

1964– The Organ was completed by the installation of an independent Pedal division in a new chamber behind the Swell Organ.  Selective tonal revisions were made throughout the organ including the new Trompette Royale on 20-inch pressure installed in the Solo Organ.  The console was returned to the factory for total rebuilding.

1971– Several ranks were added, bringing the total to 231, controlled by 239 stops.  This increased the number of pipes to 14,341.

1982– Through an action of the Church Council, in consultation with the Minister of Music and the Austin Organ Company, the organ was declared complete in February, 1982.  The estimated value of the instrument is in excess of $1,500,000.

1988– A 198-bell Maas-Rowe Carillon was added to the organ. The three-octave carillon includes: Symphonic Carillon, Flemish Bells, Harp, Celeste, English Bells(major), English Bells(minor), Bourdon Bells(16’), Upper Minor Bells(4’). The carillon is playable from the Solo and Great Keyboards, as well as the Pedal.   Memorials covered the cost of this instrument.