Become a Caring Cupboard Angel

Our Caring Cupboard is seeing increasingly heavier usage.  Thanks to the many volunteers, including our youth group, who regularly stock and monitor the Caring Cupboard and our Stockpile Closet, we have been able to provide our community’s neediest with emergency food supplies 24/7.  Anyone, however, can be a “Caring Cupboard Angel” just by stopping by the Cupboard located in front of the Education Building and adding food supplies at any convenient time. Food supplies can also be added to the stockpile closet during regular office hours.  Juice boxes, soups and canned microwaveable meals, breakfast bars, cereals, instant coffee, shelf stable milk, individual servings of fruit, Hormel microwaveable meals, canned tuna with pop top, crackers, small containers of peanut butter are just a few of the most popular items since many of our customers have limited cooking facilities and limited cooking tools.  We thank everyone for participating in this ministry that helps so many.

Caring Cupboard Mission Statement In response to the biblical question, “Lord when did we see you hungry?”, the mission of the St. Matthew Caring Cupboard is to provide emergency food supplies available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to all those in our community who may suffer from hunger and food insecurity regardless of cause.