Finance Committee
Credit/Debit Card Survey

In an effort to promote additional methods of giving for the Congregation, the Finance Committee is considering the ability to use Credit and Debit cards by our members. This method would be available on our website, as well as possibly in the Church office and/or at Church activities and events. It may involve single giving transactions as well as re-occurring giving through the member’s card. We are trying to determine the interest of our Congregation in this method of giving. Due to the costs and extra procedures in handling these transactions, we want to be certain that there is an appropriate amount of interest in this method of giving.

To help determine the level of interest in Credit/Debit Card giving, please take a few minutes to answer the following 5 questions.

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Thank you for completing this survey. We appreciate your input and will consider your opinions as we prayerfully consider how we can expand opportunities for giving at St. Matthew.